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roadster.gifWhat is Muzz Buzz?

In a nutshell... Muzz Buzz is all about FUN!

But what do we do? At Muzz Buzz we serve sensational coffee that’s quick, convenient and satisfying. So quick and convenient that you simply drive thru... And so satisfying because you receive the unique premium coffee blend exclusive to Muzz Buzz.

Ever felt that each morning comes too soon? You crawl out of bed and race to work, the highlight of which is the coffee machine. You suffer instant coffee because you don’t have the time to enjoy the real stuff at your favourite café. Or you're out running errands with the kids buckled up in the back and you just don't want to haul them into a café for a cuppa.

Enter Muzz Buzz.... But you don’t enter, you just drive thru! We serve everything you need to get you Buzzing. Premium coffee beans and unique Muzz Buzz flavours in a variety of sizes and strengths will be sure to kick that morning grump or get you over your afternoon hump!

Hungry? We've got muffins, cookies, pies & sausage rolls, there's donuts, bagels & much more to enjoy and they are all convenient and easy to eat.

Muzz Buzz also has ice creams, milkshakes and icy cold drinks to soothe your summer cravings.

Muzz Buzz is an Australian owned company that is proud to support locally owned businesses and suppliers. With a new Muzz Buzz opening near you, it makes sense to leave home without your morning coffee and buy it on the run.

Life's a Buzz... Drive thru it!